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Memphis Collision Repair Center - Best Quality and Service In Memphis!
Customer Rating
By Laua on 10/12/2016
Repair Type: Minor Damage Repair
Best Quality and Service In Memphis!
Memphis Collision Repair Center - good clean service
Customer Rating
By eric on 9/28/2015
Repair Type: Minor Damage Repair
VW was fixed like new when I got it back. This shop really impressed me with a nice friendly atmosphere from the lobby to the bathroom. Employees are courteous, friendly and knowlwdgable. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Gallardos Automotive Service - Gallardos Auto
Customer Rating
By Elizabeth Morris on 6/17/2015
Repair Type: Minor Damage Repair
They made the process very easy for me. Thank you Gallardos!
Gallardos Automotive Service - Can't beat the quality!
Customer Rating
By Kathy on 11/05/2014
Repair Type: Rear End Damage Repair
When it comes to quality these guys are the best!
Final Touch Auto Body, Inc. - Minor "fender bender"
Customer Rating
By Frank on 4/06/2014
Repair Type: Minor Damage Repair
Final Touch did this job perfectly as always. I've had them work on two other vehicles and they've always been great!
Final Touch Body Shop - All of my vehicles
Customer Rating
By Murray Gray on 4/30/2014
Repair Type: Major Damage Repair
All four of the vehicles I own have been repaired by Final Touch. Damage has ranged from minor to a near total on one vehicle. The repairs were high quality with type of customer service you would expect from a family owned operation.
Final Touch Body Shop - Repair to my truck
Customer Rating
By Bill on 4/02/2012
Repair Type: Major damage repair
They are extrmemly detail orientied ab]nd make sure everything is done perfectly. I was very pleased with the work and my overall experience.
I would reccomeend them to anyone needing any work done.
Final Touch Body Shop - Great Quality Work
Customer Rating
By Billy Brant on 10/25/2011
Repair Type: Minor Damage Repair
The Best repair job I have ever recieved with quick excellent service. I am very pleased and have sent family members to Final Touch to have their vehicles repaired. Next time I need body damage repaired they will be my shop of choice.
Final Touch Body Shop - Best in the South
Customer Rating
By James J Basile Jr on 2/15/2014
Repair Type: Minor Damage Repair
I've had five vehicles repaired by Final Touch. When I picked them up, they looked show room new both inside and out. You can't find a better body shop anywhere !!!!
Final Touch Body Shop - Final Touch is the best!
Customer Rating
By Don on 4/24/2012
Repair Type: Minor Damage Repair
Final Touch is the best! They hit on all cylinders from customer service to the best in quality. They guarantee all their work. No one likes to be in a wreck but when you use Final Touch you will never know your car had been damaged! Don Johnson
Final Touch Body Shop - Auto repair
Customer Rating
By Joe Johnson on 6/12/2013
Repair Type: Major damageMinor Damage Repair
I have dealt with Final Touch several times in the last few years.If you want your vehicle to look like it was never wrecked,take it to Final Touch.It is without a doubt the best body shop around.Your vehicle will not leave the shop unless it is perfect.Mr.Ransome is a perfectionist when it comes to the paint and body work.You will not be sorry you took your vehicle there.
Final Touch Body Shop - Definitely!
Customer Rating
By Kayla on 3/13/2014
Repair Type: Minor Damage Repair
I definitely recommend Final Touch Body Shop. They did an excellent job on my car both times I took it in. They took very good care of my car and did it in a reasonable time. If needed, I will be taking my vehicle there for sure!
Final Touch Body Shop - Highly Recommended
Customer Rating
By Extremely Satisfied Customer on 3/22/2012
Repair Type: minor damage to rear bumper
I thought writing this review would hopefully be useful to people like myself who had no idea where to go or who to trust for good quality auto body repairs. If you love your car half as much as I love mine, then you probably already know how difficult it can be to choose a good body shop. I never really trusted the insurance companies to recommend a body shop because I know the lowest repair estimate doesn’t always equal the highest quality of work. Also, after my last experience with a large body shop chain, I vowed never to make that mistake again! So, when I was recently rear ended in my new car, a trusted colleague recommended Final Touch Body Shop in Olive Branch because of their high quality workmanship, trustworthiness, and great service. Although my car damage was minor, matching the metallic silver paint was very important to me. Luckily, my colleague was right on all accounts! When I picked up my car, the color match was perfect. It was as if my car had never been involved in an accident! The owner even sent me a handwritten card in the mail thanking me for choosing Final Touch! I highly recommend this body shop.
Hayes Body Shop, Inc - Very Satisfied!
Customer Rating
By A. Floyd on 7/11/2011
Repair Type: minor damage to rear bumper
I was referred to this shop by a friend who recently had some work done at Hayes and knew the owner, Charles Hayes, personally. He said the family owned shop had been in business for decades, they were fair and they did good quality work. Well, he was right! I accepted Hayes Body Shop's offer to repair and scheduled my appointment for the following week. When I arrived at the shop, they greeted me by name! I was so impressed. Within 2 days, I was right back to my daily routine as if the accident never happened. Thank you, Hayes! Next time someone is looking for a body shop, I will refer him to you without hesitation. Keep up the good work!

Know Your Rights!

Don’t be fooled. In most states, it’s illegal for any person or company to force you to choose their "preferred" repair shop.

In fact, often times the state law requires that insurance companies notify you of your right to choose which shop completes your vehicle repairs. Know your rights.  Before you call.

Visit Your State's Commissioner Website to learn more.

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