About Us

We are a team of industry experts who believe in the power of thought, action, and perseverance.
We thought we could revolutionize the way the world handled minor fender benders. We put action behind this thought and chose to persevere, hence, the birth of SHzoom!

We are the original inventor of Snap A Pic. Get A Quote. Our patented system creates a robust, online marketplace for minor fender repairs. SHzoom Fleet, our expanded product line, provides Fleet and Risk Managers with everything they need from the accident scene.

Our Users include everyday drivers, companies with dedicated fleet, and insurance claims professionals.



While cars can be replaced, people
cannot. First and foremost, we
encourage you to make your safety and
the safety of others a top priority.



SHzoom is at the cutting edge of the
convergence between internet
technologies & automotive repairs.
Thanks to your feedback, we continue
to evolve as industry pioneers.



With over 40 years of combined
experience in both Information
Technologies and Property & Casualty
Insurance, SHzoom knows what customers
want and what industry professionals need.

Meet Our Founder

Ingrid Cook is a successful entrepreneur, inventor, influential leader, highly sought after insurance subject matter expert, and multi-media talent. She is admired for her ability to create immediate impact, produce winning results, and deliver unparalleled value. Her passion for continuous improvement, problem-solving, and technology is only surpassed by her passion and commitment to giving back through her involvement with numerous community outreach programs and non-profit organizations.

Meet Our Team

Craig Markovitz
Lead Advisor

Craig is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University, an EIR at the CMU Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship, and a successful entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in starting, growing, and selling businesses. He has generated well over $300 million in shareholder value throughout the years.

Colin Neller
Technical Partner

Colin, CEO at Clear Function, is a successful entrepreneur who leads a team of talented, cutting-edge software engineers and serves as an invaluable partner to visionary companies throughout the country. Some areas of technology focus include .NET, Rails, Azure, AWS, Payments Processing, DevOps, and SaaS.

Cynthia Hardy Young
Strategic Partner

Cynthia, CEO at Pivot Global Partners, is an industry expert with strong business acumen as a result of managing profit and loss of multi-billion dollar divisions in domestic and international publicly-traded companies and practicing as an attorney in law firm and corporate settings with an emphasis on liability and risk management.

To Our Valued Advocates

If we could thank you a million times, it still would not be enough to express our level of gratitude.
Thank you for your unsurpassed support. Thank you for believing in SHzoom!
Robert R. Sachs, Jason Wolfe, Stephan Mueller, John Fegheli, Adam Kelson, Tom Isaacson, Chuck Pope, Diana Perez, Jeff Hann, Pittsburgh Tech Council and our loyal fans!